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10 May 2018
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Cape Girardeau, MO US 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM <span class="venue">Cape Girardeau MO Spring Cleaning for Your Soul (Sound Healing)</span><br/> 618 Bellevue St., Cape Girardeau, MO, 63701-5604, US <div class="price"> $40 in Advance/$45 Day of Event </div> <div class="description"> Cape Girardeau MO Spring Cleaning for Your Soul (Sound Healing) in Cape Girardeau, MO - Christy AuBuchon & Celia Farran: Two sound healers join forces to provide healing that has never before been experienced!<br/><br/>Center for Massage Therapy.<br/>618 Bellevue<br/>Cape Girardeau MO 63701<br/><br/>6-9pm<br/>$40 in advance<br/>$45 Day of Event<br/>Seating is very limited. Get your tickets early.<br/>***** Note ****<br/>*We must have 20 participants signed up with advanced tickets by May 7th for this event to happen. Get your tickets NOW!*<br/>***** Note ****<br/><br/>Christy AuBuchon & Celia Farran Two Sound Healers together for a once in a lifetime healing experience.<br/><br/>Celia Farran:<br/>Celia Farran is a Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer, and Recording artist with over 30 years of stage & voice experience. Celia brings her high vibrational presence & vocal resonance to the sound healing world creating healing and balance by toning directly into the chakras from the back of the body thru cupped hands. Her well seasoned and highly trained voice vibrates the space & cells of the body opening internal resonance as well as the energetic field around the body. This is a visceral and sensory experience like no other. Those who have received this healing have described it as an otherworldly feeling of “Being Sung”.<br/><br/>In a group session each individual receives a sample toning and also holds space for the healing of others. Together we raise the healing frequency of each body and the energy field of the entire room and beyond.<br/>www.Celiaonline.com<br/><br/>“The vibration and resonance Celia created with her voice felt as if my Essence was being Sung. My pain lessened greatly right after my session and consistently diminished. I continue to be pain free. I am extremely grateful for Celia and the medicine of her high vibrational sound healing.”<br/>Tina Abate<br/><br/>Christy AuBuchon:<br/>Christy AuBuchon is a Healer, and the Co-Creator of Amethyst Evolved High Vibration Energy Healing. Christy has traveled the world working with the Greatest Healers on the Planet. She has undergone countless Shamanic Initiations and Activations, and through her own Healing Journey has been gifted the ability to Heal others.<br/><br/>During a group session Christy utilizes Clairvoyance, Energy Healing, Sacred Sound and Tools to bring High Vibration Healing to all.<br/><br/>Christy is dedicated to Healing, living a High Vibration life, and Raising Consciousness. She has learned firsthand that Healing is a technical and balanced art form, and is honored to assist others in their journey. Christy also provides Healing Psychic Medium Readings.<br/>www.amethystevolved.com<br/>www.crystalclearchristy.com<br/><br/>“I’ve been dealing with back & neck spasms for a month now and have tried everything - massage, chiropractic, reflexology, acupuncture, and even muscle relaxers - each of these things helped a little but the pain would quickly return. I finally tried energy work with Christy and the healing process has finally begun! Within 24 hours my shoulder pain was gone and my neck and back began to release from their spastic state.” - Megan </div>