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3 May 2018
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Watch From Anywhere!, AR US 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM <span class="venue">Songs & Gongs Online!</span><br/> World Wide, Watch From Anywhere!, AR, US <div class="price"> $10 in advance/ $15 Day of Broadcast </div> <div class="description"> Songs & Gongs Online! in Watch From Anywhere!, AR - To Watch Online From Anywhere in the World:<br/>Tickets are $10 in advance & $15 Day of Broadcast.<br/>Healing Concert is 10am-11:30am Central time on Thursday, May 3rd.<br/>There will be opportunities to tip and get Awesome tip perks during the show. To get your advanced ticket go to: www.concertwindow.com/celiafarran<br/><br/>Celia Farran:<br/>Celia Farran is a Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer, and Recording artist with over 30 years of stage & voice experience. Celia brings her high vibrational presence & vocal resonance to the sound healing world creating healing and balance by toning directly into the chakras from the back of the body thru cupped hands. Her well seasoned and highly trained voice vibrates the space & cells of the body opening internal resonance as well as the energetic field around the body. This is a visceral and sensory experience like no other. Those who have received this healing have described it as an otherworldly feeling of “Being Sung”.<br/>www.Celiaonline.com<br/><br/>Barbara Cole:<br/>Barbara utilizes ancient tools and technologies, such as gongs and bowls, to help others with stress relief by synchronizing the right and left brain hemispheres. Achieve deep relaxation by stimulating the creative centers in the right side of the brain, resulting in greater clarity and creativity. This in turn creates greater productivity, happiness, well-being, and sense of self! These tools noticeably slow the brainwaves and provide a gateway to living a life of better health and alignment.<br/><br/>Barbara Cole is a Stress-Reduction Specialist and is intent on “Providing Professional Tools for Professional People”! For more info on ALL of her events, please visit: www.Facebook.com/ScienceOfStressRelief/events<br/>or<br/>www.Facebook.com/EmpoweredRelationships/events </div>