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Celia: Breathe
Celia: Carry Me Home
Celia: Breathe
Celia: Red Alabaster & Blue
The Trestle Foote Faerie: Naughty In Pink
Celia Farran: Fire in the Head
Celia: The Bard Of Armagh: A Tribute To Tommy Makem
Celia Farran: Irish Tales

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Audiobook – Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All of Your Self
written by Dr. Vito Hemphill, read by Celia

Audio Book – Download in MP3 format – $14.95

This self-help book teaches readers how to look at themselves in a new way in order to make positive changes in their lives. “Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All Of Your Self” by Dr. Vito Hemphill defines the four archetypes (positive masculine, negative masculine, positive feminine, and negative feminine) and teaches you how to see yourself from this perspective. By understanding how these archetypes affect you and your world, you can learn to take practical steps to change that archetypal balance to improve your life. This book teaches self-awareness. There are practical exercises, concepts, and worksheets taught as a three month home program.

“Every sentence in ‘Four Faces in the Mirror’ is packed with gems, layers of the aspects that make up good psycho-emotional and spiritual health. Your book is a great read (and re-read). —Cate Cook

“Four Faces in the Mirror is a useful, refreshing, straightforward set of focused ideas and sharp exercises. . . I really liked the way he avoided the triple plagues of theology, ideology, and California syrup. A real American book, pragmatic.”
-John Allen, Founder of Biosphere 2 and author of Me and the Biospheres