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Cracked Wide Open


Cracked Wide Open

On Election Night Thelma (my drum) fell from her stand and hit the power supply for my mixer and split open. I find it VERY interesting that it happened at the exact moment that Obama was named to have won. I was devastated. I wept like a mother who lost a child. Of course I was grieving the loss of the sweet tones and life force of Thelma but also was processing so many other deeply emotional pieces that had been "up" for me over the past weeks. The flood gates opened. I felt utterly alone. And I believed that the loss I was feeling would be experienced......Alone. I believed that no one could ever empathize with THIS one. Some key people in my life had been processing their own grief so I felt I could not go to them for support. And with all these beliefs swirling and gelling I believed that Thelma was not the only thing that split open on Election Night.

I am a very even and rational person. I do not "fly off the handle" or go into rages like the stereotypical red head is rumored to do. I am deeply passionate but not at all erratic. In this situation I simply wept for my loss. I wept rapid tears that tested the capacity of tissue until I was inspired to contact the drum maker (Rob of Metloef Drums) in the Netherlands. I knew Thelma was fixable and all was not lost. It took a few days before I heard back from Rob and sent him pictures. I am still waiting to hear about the final time frame and price tag for Thelma’s “head” surgery.

And in the mean time I experience my own head surgery. Perhaps it would be better to call it a surgery of the mind. As I explore the practice of forgiveness and a letting go of the false perceptions of this world I find myself surprisingly at peace with this new development. I am reminded that I am never alone and that the loving kindness of the whole of all being is always with me. In fact, it would have taken a very special human to be able to comfort me in the way I needed in that moment. In that moment I did not need the problem to be “fixed”. All I wanted was to be energetically and physically held and told “It’s going to be okay. You are not alone”. And in this kindness I would have remembered that the only problem that exists is that I disconnected from Source. In the absence of this I took my heart to bed and practiced letting go completely. I gave myself this kindness the best that I could and the next morning my perception shifted. I made adjustments, found one of my backup drums to use for my upcoming concert, and waited in patience to hear from the drum maker to get more information for the next step. All of this I experienced peacefully with the sweetness of surrender.

Thelma was not the only thing that cracked open that night. A new consciousness is upon us. I can choose fear and get pulled into the darkness by the ego or I can choose love and experience true freedom from old moldy stories that don’t serve me or humanity anymore. In fact, those old decaying stories overly consumed are just making me and my fellow humans sick. Choosing love takes vigilance. And yet it is the most rewarding choice I can ever make. I say goodbye to the form Thelma once took. Like a Phoenix from the ashes she will rise. She will rest right next to my heart to make sweet tones and fabulous rhythms in tandem with my musical soul. Together we will alight anew and continue our creative dance.


New Album Is HERE!


It’s HERE!
Well, the truth is that it HAS been here…but the “postpartum album blues” have kept me occupied enough so that NOW is the time that I’m finally getting around to tell you. Sorry for the delay.

The Dance of the independent artist is a fine balance between art and commerce. The only real way to do it is to be ALL IN...which means no day job. No safety net. And then there is the balance of turning music into the stuff that keeps the artist alive and healthy to create more music. Often at the end of recording an album I need a brake before I can truly promote that album. The trick is to make sure another project does not creep in before the last project gets it's due. This is quite a trick as my independent artists friends have confirmed with me.

So, here goes....I am now officially letting my fan base know that the album "For The Asking" is available not just as a download but also as a real honest to Goddess hold it in your hand CD in a case!

“For the Asking” is:
A smooth journey of thoughtful, & courageously self revelatory Earth/Spirit songs. With titles like “Ground, Center, & Shield”, “Many Trees”, “Metta Prayer” & “For the Asking” (New Moon Song) it is the perfect addition to any Seeker's collection.

You can get “For the Asking” in download AND Physical form now. Thanks for your continued support.

Dancing the musical journey,


CD Baby Download AND Physical album:

Amazon Download: http://www.amazon.com/For-the-Asking/dp/B007QGKM3G/ref=tmm_msc_title_0

Bandcamp Dowload (find all lyrics here): http://celiaonline.bandcamp.com/album/for-the-asking

itunes: I looked and looked and I can’t seem to find it on itunes. If you find it before I do, Please let me know. It should be kicking around there somewhere.

Best Solstice Yet



I had the lovely experience of sharing Solstice with a double handful of exquisite souls here in Prescott, AZ on Wednesday night. The event was simple, elegant, and playful. We enjoyed an hour of simple relaxation and stretching in the darkened rope light lit room. The music allowed for a deep connection within. This prepared me for what was to come.

We circled and brought our energy together. Upon our circle’s formation we heard very loud music coming from the next room (We were in the dance space at Prescott College). Not hip hop, not country, not rock……but “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Faeries” was shaking the floor☺

Liz Faller, our facilitator, invited us to sing our own song. It delighted me to no end to sit in a circle with co-creative unabashed adults willing to express with their voices from clear harmonic tones to grunts and growls. We played without apology and it felt divine☺

We were then invited to call out intentions into the space. And in perfect popcorn style the goodness flowed. From Love, Bliss, and Passion, to Laughter, Chocolate, and MORE Passion the room bubbled with positive and enriching words of the finest things in this life.

We rang the bells and lit the candles. And then had the rare opportunity to spend time in silence sharing soul to soul contact thru each others eyes in a beautiful spiral dance. Each of us held a candle and gazed with another and moved on to share with the next. It was nothing short of beautiful.

We closed our circle and the free flowing dance began. I left that night feeling so grateful for this beautiful community. I left knowing that I had just experienced the most fulfilling Solstice Celebration yet.

Gratitude to Liz and all who co-created this beautiful event.


The Giving Department



The Giving Department:

Today I look at resistance. I ask what am I resisting….or perhaps more importantly why am I in a state of resistance at all? I know that I am operating under some kind of resistance because I often wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed rather than excited. By mid-day I often feel more goaded than inspired. And often I feel more alone than supported.

I am reminded of a translation of “A Course in Miracles” from Marianne Williamson: “The only thing lacking is the thing not being given”. And from an ego mind place I hear the voice….”how can that POSSIBLY be? I Give and I Give and I Give….how can there be any lack…according to this principle I should be abundant beyond all measure.”
Now….let’s take a look at the QUALITY of the giving and what part of this constellation of the ego is in charge of The Giving Department.

Seems to me that often my “Inner Tyrant” is the head of the Giving Department. My Inner Tyrant is a driving force within that says my worth is directly connected to how much I can do, achieve, and accomplish. The Inner Tyrant would have us all believe that this is Giving. According to The Inner Tyrant the more concerts, people at concerts, miles, songs, and e-mails answered are the measure of my productivity…which is the measure of my worth. Did I mention I am a Capricorn?---And a Red Headed one at that! What a set up!

Do you know when I feel total inner peace and the Inner Tyrant goes dormant? It is when I am creating. When I am singing, or writing a song, or recording, or in a concert is when I know the most peace. It is where my sweet quiet bliss gracefully comes to call. And it stays…as long as I remain open to the moment of creative spirit flowing thru.

So, why wouldn’t I do this ALL the time? Enter goading voice of Tyranny stage right…..”Well, you can’t eat a song, can you? One must pay the bills. And you can write all the wonderful songs in the world but they won’t turn into money unless someone knows about them.” Ah…..the goading voice of commerce that stomps out the promising burning embers of art.

So, what am I resisting these days?: My Art. Why am I resisting it?: Because it is my TRUE Gift and that is a tremendous threat to The Inner Tyrant. The Solution?: Even when the voice of the Inner Tyrant is so loud and so convincing in it’s attempts to steer me away from creating something wonderful…..do it anyway. The world will be a better place. And most importantly I must remember to have faith that when I commit to true creation I will be well taken care of beyond what my ego mind THINKS I can eat. A new song brought thru with love can fill the spirit so completely that one simply FORGETS to eat. What will I say yes to today? What will YOU say yes to today?


Join us on our Quest for THE Everyday Goddess!


Celebrate the EveryDay Goddess in your life!

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We are looking for THE Everyday Goddess! And we are collecting TWO Goddess Worthy Gift Baskets of Goodies for her (or him for that matter) when we find her (or him). That reminds me of a Monty Python movie…but I digress.
There are THREE ways to join in the Celebration by Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

1. Create a video (could be a slide show) celebrating an EveryDay Goddess in your life to the ‘Everyday Goddess’ song. The video with the most votes will win an Everyday Goddess Goodie Basket presented to the EDG celebrated in your video.
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Celebrating The EveryDay Goddess in You,


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The Tucson Tragedy


When I heard about the recent shooting in Tucson I asked for guidance of how I could best be of service. This is what was shown to me thru my friend Holly: Publisher of Four Corners Magazine out of Sedona, AZ. Please note that anyone can take advantage of the free download of “Angel” & “Carry Me Home” for a short time. May you know peace.

Dear Readers,

As a member of the Arizona community, I feel it is important that I call for a message of peace and unity during this shocking week of events. While it is easy to ignore the media and the further discussions that have arisen due to the tragedy in Tucson, it is more important that we pay attention to the overall message that an event such as this provides.

There is no doubt that we've become divided as a nation- politically, religiously, morally or otherwise. However, when something like this occurs we remember that above all we are compassionate human beings and must come together in peace and unity in order to serve the greater good of all.

Below you will find a free gift if you are interested. I know this is a very small gesture for a topic of such enormity, but it is my way of spreading peace to people I care about. I also ask that you please remember those directly affected by this event in your prayers. Send them healing thoughts surrounded by light because you can and because they need it.

Many Blessings,
Holly Luky
Four Corners Magazine Online

(Scroll down for a free gift!)
As part of the media, Four Corners Magazine will always strive to bring light into the world of information through its network of events, services and other offerings. It is important for the progressive communities to have a voice and to share their message; we hope to be that for you, our wonderful Four Corners Community.

Songs that make a difference...
We couldn't think of a better way to spread some light and peace into the world than to play a song that has a message. When we met Celia, a beautiful singer/songwriter as she passed through Sedona we knew her music would be perfect for such an occasion. We hope you are moved by her music as much as we are. * Dance * Sing * Move * Breathe

Celia has offered for our readers to enjoy a free download of two beautiful songs that inspire peace and healing during this turbulent time. Click on the link below to access "Angel" and "Carry Me Home," two original songs with words displayed on the same page for you to enjoy.


Slower Than Slow


It is Wednesday morning but feels like a Monday. Paul ‘s(my partner) kids have their first day back to school today. I promised to make his son a smoothie at 7am. It sounded like a good idea at the time! So, I am up. And ultimately I am grateful to be starting my day.

I am feeling inspired to begin “playing” on one of my New Year’s Intention that I shared with you in an earlier blog. My goal to be able to “Kiss My Knees” by the end of 2011. I am sitting here writing this and noticing that I am already starting to “freeze” into the computer stagnation position that I have spent oh so many hours in.

And in moments I will remove myself from this computer and play towards my goal. The message I am getting from my body today is “Slower than Slow”. I have had some amazing experiences with increasing my range of motion without stretching. I have dipped my toe into Qigong, Tai Chi, Rebirthing, Feldenkrais, breathing techniques, and more. This morning I am getting the message to be gentle with myself and to focus on movements that are slower than slow to invite my body and being into a safe space for expansion.

The message is to start with the breath and let it be the “fuel” that inspires each movement. This seems to be what my body has been craving of late and I have been starving it with excuses that sound like “I am too busy”, “there is too much to do”, and “It’s gonna hurt”. I remind myself in this moment that if one does not sharpen the saw….the saw breaks. I am inspired and ready to begin……slowly.


New Year’s Resolution/Kissing my Knees


We begin a new year. I always feel jazzed at the beginning of a new year. The Holidays are over. There is a feeling of a fresh new start. And my birthday is around the corner. It is a powerful time to set intentions and to reflect on where I have been & where I am headed. And as I understand it, today January 4, 2011 is a particularly powerful New Moon. I intend to take full advantage….being the Capricorn that I am!

I have all kinds of goals mapped out for my music, career, and personal life but I won’t bore you with that. The one New Year’s resolution that I would like to share is simple and may possibly even seem strange to some.

By the end of 2011 I would like to be able to reach down and touch my palms to the floor with my knees straight. Simple…that is it.

I am not at all far off from this goal. And I have the experience of “Kissing My Knees” many times in the past. However, all the driving and sleeping in new and different places all over the country over the last 10 years of touring has helped me remember to take time to take care of my precious instrument. If I do not take care of my instrument the shows stop, the music stops, and the recording stops and that is just NOT an option. Love Love Love what I do too much to compromise “the instrument”.

Feel free to check in with me on my progress. I could use some gentle nudging and accountability. And of course, I am open to any good tips and suggestions on how to “Kiss Your Knees”

Many Blessings in 2011.
May you know peace,


A Thank You from Celia


To my loyal fans,

It’s been a full and satisfying year. In 2010 I logged over 50,000 miles, hundreds of shows and countless studio hours in the completion of my 8th recording: “Carry Me Home”. And it feels like I am just getting started!!!

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you that have joined me on this magical musical-comedic journey and have supported my music career over the past 10 years. If you are reading this you probably have had an integral part in keeping the music coming: whether you attended a show, bought music, or simply shared my creations with a friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, attending, purchasing, and not deleting me.....Ha!

I am also most grateful for our newly formed “Tribe Celia” team which includes my mother (Cecilia), my Best Friend (Lori) and my Newfound Goddess-Friend of Making It All Work (Cris). Expect to see BIG changes in 2011...these ladies are rolling out the GOODIES! I feel like the luckiest Traveling-Goddess Gypsy Bard on the planet! And The Trestle Foote Faerie and the rest of the cast and crew agrees!

I am so grateful to my friends and fans. YOU are the reason I sing. And as a special thank you I am offering with any purchase a FREE Download of 5 songs that are not on any album and FREE SHIPPING.

I look forward to sharing more music with you in 2011.

With Gratitude,


Strowler Nights Seattle



Best Samhain EVER. Singing with Sooj (SJ Tucker) and playing with Betsy Tinney are always favorite moments for me. Tricky Pixie rocked the house. Fire spinners and rope artists. Wow!

Meeting Sharon Knight for the first time was a treat. The night was heavy on the red heads….just the way I like it.

And Trestle experienced “Dr. Bronner’s Makes Your Hoo Hoo Tingle” via a sign language artist for the first time. So THAT is how you sign “Hoo Hoo”

Again I declare….I have the BEST life!