Goddess Songs Compilation (Volume Two)

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Women With Wings (Rough Mix) Lyrics
For the Asking (From "For the Asking" Album)
Grandmother Moon (Live Loop)
Earth Girl (From "Breathe" Album)
Ancestor Goddess Bridhid Lyrics
Wide Open (From "Carry Me Home" Album)
Lady Liberty (Live Loop)
The Lady of White Sands (From the "Carry Me Home" Album)
My Selkie Soul (Rough Cut)
I Am Isis
Freya Chant Invocation (Long Version)
Bridget's Song
Held By the Mother


<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Something Wicked Lyrics
Ritual Lyrics
The Gypsy Found a Home (But Now It's Gone)
Burning Ganesh Lyrics
Lies, Lies, Lies Lyrics
I Don't Care Lyrics
You Won't
The Rules Lyrics
Holding On To Let It Go Lyrics
Entitled (Mine) Lyrics
Grieving the Dream Lyrics
Me & The Moon Tonight Lyrics
Unconditional Roses Lyrics

Goddess Songs Compilation (Volume One)

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
The Power of the Goddess (Rough Mix) Lyrics
The Mother Bread of Life Lyrics
Brigid's Well Lyrics
Quan Yin (From Red, Alabaster, & Blue Album) Lyrics
Everyday Goddess (From Breathe Album)
Freya Chant (Radio Version-Short) Lyrics
Ave Grace (From Carry Me Home Album) Lyrics
The Crone Collects Bones-Live Lyrics
Patriotic Witches (Live Loop) Lyrics
Mamma Lakshmi-Live
Lady of My Soul (Rough Mix)
Butterfly Diva Lyrics
Awakening The Goddess

Letting Go

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Listen Lyrics
Surrender Lyrics
Release & Let Go Lyrics
Way of Being Lyrics
Only Love Is Real Lyrics
Peace Be With You Lyrics
Bless You Child (No Words)
Eagle's Flight
Fall Into Bliss
Heavy Body Guided Meditation (Bonus Track)

Shaman Journey

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
The Death of Winter
Autumn Equinox
Beyond All Space & Time
I Still Feel You (No Words)
Om Namo Guru Dev Namo
Mysterious Shaman
Cleansing My Heart
Ocean Shaman
This Body Is Heavy Guided Meditation (Bonus Track)
Ancestor Dance (Bonus Track)
"Shaman Journey" Sample Cuts

For The Asking

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
For The Asking Lyrics
Metta Prayer Lyrics
Many Trees Lyrics
Slow It Down Some Lyrics
The Caregiver's Song Lyrics
Connected Lyrics
Kings of Themselves Lyrics
Ground, Center, & Shield Lyrics
Go Ahead Lyrics
Free Alone Lyrics
We Are Enough Lyrics

Carry Me Home

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Please Bless This Space Lyrics
Walking The Labyrinth Lyrics
The Lady of White Sands Lyrics
Drop In Lyrics
Ave Grace Lyrics
Wide Open Lyrics
Fly Lyrics
Please Take My Hand Lyrics
Break These Chains Lyrics
Carry Me Home Lyrics
Please Forgive Us Lyrics
I'm Letting Go Lyrics
Bringing In the Light Lyrics
The Yum Yum Song Lyrics

Red Alabaster & Blue

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Red Alabaster & Blue
Unlucky One
Porch Song
Quan Yin
Acid Rain
Strings On Our Kings
Simple Question
Shine Your Light
We'll Always Sing

The Bard of Armagh: A Tribute to Tommy Makem

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
I'll Tell Me Ma
Isn't It Grand Boys
Leaving of Liverpool
Gypsy Rover
Four Green Fields
The Bard of Armagh
California Ireland
Little Broken Wing
Red Is The Rose
Nancy Whiskey
Wild Mountain Thyme
The Parting Glass

Naughty In Pink

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
The Cell Phone Song
I'm Not Homophobic
Crazy Intersection Dancing
The Hoo Hoo Song
Phebe's Jesus
Spoonings and Forkings
Shoe Song
My Pussy
Duck Duck Goose
Sphincter Song
Crazy Intersection Dancing NYC
Health Care Blues
Tickle Break Song


<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Trees Breathe
Everyday Goddess
This Bed We Made
I Still Feel You
Earth Girl
She Left the Farm
Don't Ever Stop
Lonely Lion
Please Take My Hand

Fire in the Head

<a href="">Music by Celia</a>
Song for Ireland
Devil And The Farmer's Wife
Both Sides Of The Tweed
Fields of Athenry
The Foggy Dew
Bonnie Portmore
The Tinkerman's Daughter
Golden Vanity
Green Fields of France