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Track Ave Grace (From Carry Me Home Album) on Goddess Songs Compilation (Volume One). (4:16)
The Lady of White Sands
By Celia
© 2010 Red Granite Goddess ASCAP

She will not shed a tear. For she dare not to grieve.
Her hero is a ghost. But the Lady Still Believes.

She’s a clairvoyant compass. I trust what she knows.
As I walk with the Lady on the Sand that looks like Snow.

As I walk with the Lady. The Lady of the Land
In the pure white desert Enchanted by White Sand.
She is soft and serene. She washes my heart clean.
As I walk with the Lady, The Lady of White Sands.

She turns all of my fears into trusted tapestries.
It’s been said she’s a ghost. As for me, I believe.

She’s a perilous partner. She’s a shattered sea of dreams.
As I walk with the Lady on the Sands of Ivory.


Oh, She’s my agua. When I’m so dry I cannot see.
Ella es Pavla Blanca. She’s the Lady. The Lady.