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“Butterfly Diva”
By Celia Farran
© 2017 Red Granite Goddess Publishing/ASCAP

Fly, little butterfly, fly little butterfly.
Fly with no fear of the dark.
Fly into the mouth of the dragon.
Make him purr like a kitten
With your beautiful butterfly love sparkle spark.

Butterfly Diva she knows.
The light needs the darkness to grow.
She is delicate, & divine. She’s determined to shine and she’s made of courage.

Butterfly Diva she sees.
The pain that brought you to you knees.
Is the portal that sets your soul free.
She will show you the way to embrace your courage.


Butterly Diva She feels so deeply but only the love is real.
She’s ready to show you the way to let it all go and embrace your courage.

For you’ve spent a long time along in the dark in your beautiful butterfly room.
Now it’s time for your wings to take flight. To leave your cosy cocoon womb.