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Track Kings of Themselves on For The Asking. (3:54)
“Kings of Themselves”
By Celia
© 2012 Red Granite Goddess ASCAP

You spin your stories
You tell your little lies
And still your only alibi is that
It’s between you and your God

This thing that you call love
Looks a lot like power
And you claim you’re innocent
But all your actions say your not.

You will never get back into his heart.
You will never tear his world apart again.
You had him blind but now he sees.
He is strong now.
Carry on now.
He’s the King of himself now that he’s free.

You say one thing and you do another
And wildly scream you’re a good mother
Well, Who are you trying to convince?
I wasn’t there but as far as I can tell
Real love is unconditional
And the truth is in the children.

And they will never let you into their hearts.
They will never let you tear their world apart.
You had them blind but now they see.
They are strong now.
They carry on now.
They’re the Kings of Themselves & They are Free

They see the lies in your eyes.
And it’s gone on for so long no one’s surprised.
And they know even before you know.
And good boys will forgive but all you’ll have to show.

Is you can never get back into their hearts.
You can never tear their world apart again
Now they’re men & they see
What is wrong now
They sing new songs now.
They’re the Kings of Themselves & They are Free

And your dark desperate attempts only push them
To Dignity.