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Track Something Wicked on KARMA. (3:14)
“Something Wicked”
By Celia Farran
© 2017 Red Granite Goddess Records/ASCAP

I won’t be your Unicorn Trick Pony.
Though I have been called a Unicorn.
I won’t be your three dog night boloney.
I won’t compete with your women, booze, or porn.

Something Wicked’s been stirring/brewing in my body.
Something wicked’s in my blood/bones.
Something wicked’s been stirring up trouble and Yeah…I’ve had enough./I’d rather be alone
Something Wicked’s been brewing/stirring in my heart space.
Something wicked’s in my mind.
Something Wicked’s been stirring/brewing up trouble and No, It’s not the good kind.

I won’t be your bird in your hand. I won’t be your bird in the bush.
I can’t pull your head out of the sand. I can’t pull your head out of your tush.


I have had the urge to purge it out.
I have had the urge to scream and shout.

Something Wicked.
Where it comes from. Nobody knows.
Something Wicked.
When you stuff it. It only grows.