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Track Women With Wings (Rough Mix) on Goddess Songs Compilation (Volume Two). (3:57)
Women With Wings
By Celia
© 2010 Red Granite Goddess ASCAP

Some are delicate. All are strong.
Some paint poetry & some sing songs.
Some are for soaring. While others heal.
Some are gossamer & some are steel.

We are Women of Wisdom.
We are Women With Wings.
We embrace our radiance.
We celebrate the masculine.
We are women of passion no matter what life brings.
We are women of worth. We are women of faith.
We are Women With Wings.

As we prepare for flight answering the call,
We are filled with light one and all.
Once we were captured. Once we were burned.
But like a Phoenix from the flames the Goddess Returns.


And as we women raise up our voices, Hear the sound of the fluttering wings.
And as we women gather together the whole world is healed when women Sing.